House Hunting Checklist

House hunting on rainy days

Are rainy days bad for house hunting?

Actually bad weather can be a bonus for house viewing since it can help clue you in to potential water intrusion problem. In some cases, it might help you to negotiate a better price or get the seller to pay for repairs so you don't have to.

So, before you go inside the home, even with new construction, check out the exterior and look for red flags.

Check Points

- Are the gutters clear or overflowing?

- Are downspouts draining properly?

- Is water being directed away from the foundation?

- Check the entrance to the basement from outside - is it well-drained?

- Check the basement dampness on the walls and floors, even the ceilings.

- Look for water stains or paint patches that don't blend in.

Even for sellers, It can turn into opportunity. Clean out the gutters and downspouts in advance. It will show how well a house is managed!

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